Yowii Competition: Win Cash and modchips worth over $600 usd!

How the competition works:

It's simple. Write a review on the Yowii modchip and post a link to it in this forum topic.
The best, honest review will win. This does not mean the one that talks about how good the Yowii chip is!
We are after honest and detailed reviews.

This competition is designed to reward the people that have supported Yowii by buying a Yowii mod chip
or having a Yowii mod chip installed.
It is open to anyone who has used a Yowii modchip.
You won't be asked to prove you have used one, but if you haven't it may be hard to review.

First Prize is: $100 usd + 5 Yowii modchips and 5 Yowii programmers.
Second Prize is: $25 usd + 5 Yowii modchips and 2 Yowii programmers.
Third, Fourth and Fifth Prizes are: 2 Yowii modchips and 1 Yowii programmer.

The competition is open to anyone that has used a Yowii modchip.
The review must be hosted online somewhere and the link posted here in this forum topic.
It can be on your own website or someone elses (with their permission).
If you dont have a website, we recommend using a free blog service such as google blogger.
The review must be about the Yowii modchip.
It doesn't have to be positive to win.
A detailed review will win over a positive review.
The review must include a link to
Other links are allowed.
The competition closes on the 5th of february 2008.
If there aren't many entries we may extend the closing date.
The entries will be judged by an impartial 3rd party (60% of the vote)
and by registered members of the forum through a poll (40% of the vote).
If there are a large number of entries, then we may ask the third party to create a shortlist.

Winners will be paid by paypal. Money and prizes will be sent within 1 week of competition winners being announced.
If paypal is not an option for the winner, another method of payment will be arranged.

Any form of spamming or cheating will disqualify you without warning.
Any dishonest tactics will get you disqualified.
Claiming someone else review as your own will get you disqualified.
Use common sense and you will be fine. :)
You are free to use any images off the Yowii website or you can take your own photos if needed.
If you need help you can ask questions in here or by using the contact form.

If you are stuck for how to get started, these reviews may help:

As we find other reviews, we will add them in.
All submitted reviews will be linked to from the site.

Post a link to your review here.

Have fun and good luck.