Programming the Yowii

Note: The Yowii chip cannot be programmed while it is connected to the Wii.
Please unplug the Yowii chip before programming.

What you need:

  • Yowii Programmer & Supplied Connector Cable
  • Yowii chip
  • Db9 Cable
  • Usb Cable
  • Computer with DB9 port
  • Winpic800 Programmer software (free)
  • Hex code (downloads page)

Step 1:

First you need to download and install the Winpic800 Programmer software.
It is available from

Step 2:

Plug your Yowii chip into the Yowii programmer.
Plug your DB9 cable into the computer and the Yowii programmer.
Plug your USB Cable into the Yowii programmer and then the computer.
The Blue status LED will light up on the Yowii programmer.

Step 3:

Run Winpic800.
In Winpic800, go to Settings and click on Hardware. Choose JDM Programmer on port COM1.
This may be different if you are using other com port devices.
Click on Apply Edits
Now go to Device and choose Detect Device.
You should see a message box that says, Detected - 12F683. Click Accept

Step 4:

To Program the Yowii modchip
Choose Device then Read All if you want to see code that is already on the chip.
If you just want to program the Yowii modchip, go to File then Open.
Choose the code that you want to use and click open. It will be a .hex file.
Make sure you choose the PIC12f683 version hex.
Example: yaosm_12F683.hex
Now choose Device then Program All to flash the modchip.
You should see a progress bar which will turn green when it gets to 100%.
Click Accept and you are done.

If you plan on updating the hex on your Yowii chip regularly, we recommend that you choose the external wire install option.