About the Yowii modchip

The Yowii modchip brings to the market a chip which is completely
programmable and competitively priced.

Most modchips on the market are locked to protect source code.
This limits developers and consumers from pushing the Nintendo Wii
to its full potential.

Taking a different path, we decided to leave the modchip completely
open source. You can flash any code you like onto the chip!!!

This Wii modchip is programmed with the Yaosm code; our preferred
open source code. We are currently working on code for the Yowii,
which will be made publicly available at some time in the future
(along with source files). Any suggestions on features or code
are welcome in the forums.

The Yowii is designed to mount internally (quicksolder or wire install)
or externally for those that are interested in code development.

We have designed custom programmers that make upgrading code on
the Yowii Modchip, fast and easy for developers and beginners alike.